What is Talking Parents? 


Talking Parents is a communication service for co-parenting and shared custody. Through our free website and paid mobile app, Talking Parents is an innovative service that improves accountability and communication between co-parents. Talking Parents helps co-parents avoid disputes and focus on the most important people in their lives—their children. 

Recommended by lawyers, judges, and co-parents around the US and the world, you can rely on Talking Parents to create accountability, security, and reliability. Talking Parents is also the only co-parenting communication service to offer recorded calling.


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Set Up Your Account




To begin using Talking Parents, you must first create an account and match with your co-parent. Due to the secure nature of our communication service, you can not begin using Talking Parents until the other parent has created an account. We will let you know once your co-parent has signed up, and your accounts are matched. 

  1. Go to Create Account from the top-right of any page of the website, or click here
  2. Fill out the registration form. When filling out the registration form, make sure that you enter your name, oldest child’s name and birth date the same way as your co-parent. Otherwise, our system will not match your accounts.
  3. Verify your email address using the email sent from our system.
  4. You will receive an automatic email notification when your account is matched with the other parent's.

Once your accounts have been matched, you can begin using Talking Parents. 


Matching Accounts




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